VIP Majestic Trailer

Our 20′ Restroom Trailer features two large private bathrooms. Each spacious bathroom provides a clean, comfortable, and private restroom with a flushing toilet and porcelain freshwater sink. Both bathrooms also have an air conditioning unit to provide a comfortable environment on those hot summer days!

Individual stair units come standard with our 20′ Restroom Trailer. An optional ramp setup is available – please ask if you are interested in this option.



  • Two large private restrooms on one trailer
  • One foot flushing toilet per restroom
  • Interior lighting
  • Soap dispenser
  • Dual paper rolls
  • Sanitary seat covers
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Wall mirror
  • Trash receptacle


Technical Specs:

  • Requires two 110-Volt/ 20 Amp non GFI separate circuits within 35 ft.
  • Water source within 25′ (standard garden hose connection) required